Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different site licenses?

The Non-exclusive + license (Majority license on the site) : File (Without Tag) Flac + possibility Wav Unlimited Streaming (Deezer, Spotify ...) Unlimited CD Sale Unlimited Video Clip Unlimited Radio Station Credit: Prod. Eli Lortomy The Non-Exclusive License (License used for packs / promotional offers) : Mp3 File (Without Tag) (192 Kbps) 1,000,000 Streaming (Deezer, Spotify ...) CD sale 15,000 copies 1 Video clip 1 Radio Station Credit: Prod. Eli Lortomy I can also do Exclusive Licenses, that is to say that the instrumental once purchased will be removed from the site as well as from all other platforms where it is for sale. To have the exclusivity of one of my productions you will have to send me an offer by contacting me by email or via the "Contact" tab located in the menu.

Why is the "WAV" format not directly sold on the site ?

This does not come from me but from the application of the platform which hosts my site, this is why this format is replaced by the "FLAC" format and this even if my musical productions are uploaded in "WAV" For info the "WAV" format will appear during this year, while waiting, don't panic, I will send you the "WAV" format once your purchase has been made (at no extra charge from you).

The promo, a purchased instrumental = a free instrumental does it work on the whole site ?

Yes, except on Packs / Promotional Offers because as the name suggests there is already an offer on it. Otherwise, regardless of the price of the instrumental you buy, you will be able to benefit from the Promotion in question. For example, if you want to get the instrumental "Cartel" which is 31.90 Euros, you can get the instrumental "Virus" for free, which is also 31.90 Euros. Clearly you get two instrumentals for 31.90 and you therefore save this amount. I want to clarify that the free production is not imposed, you take the one you want as long as it is equal to or below the sum of the purchased instrumental.

Do i have to have a paypal account to proceed to payment ?

No, the Paypal account is optional. You can proceed to payment with a simple bank card without having to open an account.